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Cutting board for Knaus Vans

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Delivery expected from March 22, 2023

Finally a cover for the sink with a function. The board is made of 12mm thick, black PE plastic, is food safe and can also be used as a cutting board. It is also equipped with a grain on both sides so that it is not so scratch-sensitive.

Cutting board with 1 juice channel, suitable for sink insert B
The juice channel on the underside is open at the handle opening so that the juice can run into the sink insert. The cutting board is flush with the worktop, on the cutting side it protrudes slightly so that the worktop is not damaged when cutting. The grip hole is large enough to throw material into the insert.

Cutting board with 2 juice channels, suitable for sink insert A and B
The juice channel is open on one side and closed on the other, so that it can also be used outside the sink. Depending on the insert underneath, the cutting board protrudes on one or two sides. In combination with sink insert A, it is flush with the worktop on one side.

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