By campers for campers.

Imagine you no longer have to make compromises when equipping your motorhome. Finally enough with "too big" or "too small", "too low" or "too high"! As passionate campers, we know what we are talking about. Because we also had our “love trouble” with the standard equipment of our van.

Our previous problem has long since become a great solution: A washbasin extension that could be produced in small series and that makes the camper's happiness a good deal more perfect. We are looking forward to this – as well as to many new suggestions.

Our name says it all.

We at Perfect Van see ourselves as the voice of all those who want to make their van even better - preferably perfect. To do this, we focus on equipment details that bother many campers. If enough supporters come together online, we will have an improved equipment variant produced.

The new composting toilet from Perfect Van

Finally a composting toilet that replaces the previous chemical toilet 1:1.
Attractive design without major conversion work and emptying via the shaft.

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