The new composting toilet

Die Trocken-Trenn-Toilette von Perfect Van

The time has finally come - the brand new urine-diverting toilet will soon go into production and the pre-series is currently being tested. I am very proud of my product which is perfect for all vans and motorhomes and offers some key advantages over other TTT systems on the market.

You will love it, because the installation is super uncomplicated and you can even do it yourself - even if you have two left hands! In addition, no conversion work is necessary in the van or mobile home and the toilet can be 100% dismantled - perfect for anyone who would like to switch to another camper.

Disposal takes place via the outer shaft and the capacity of 9.5 l for the urine tank and another 7 l for the solids container is simply unbeatable.

Thanks to the level indicator, you always know exactly when it's time to empty the urine container.

The privacy flap for the solids container and the freely selectable seat position (360 degrees) are also particularly practical, making the toilet extremely space-saving and more compact than the previously installed Thetford.

If you choose the e-kit with fan and optional outdoor shower, you will have the perfect camping toilet experience, because who wouldn't like to have a fan and outdoor shower on board?

Follow the exciting experiences of the testers in the near future and let yourself be inspired by my separation toilet - it is the perfect choice for everyone who loves camping life and self-sufficiency! follow me Instagram or on Facebook.

I am very excited to hear about your experiences with my urine-diverting toilet and look forward to it becoming part of your camping adventure.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I am of course always at your disposal.