Installation of the Perfect Van TTT instead of the Thetford C220

Precautions at the beginning

  • Before starting the installation, check the instructions for completeness and ensure that the specified parameters (toilet version, supply voltage, ...) are met.
  • Before removing the water connection, it is recommended to remove the pressure from the pipe. Therefore, please turn on the power, turn on the pump, open all taps, then turn off the power.
  • Be sure to switch off the on-board power completely before any installations.
  • Have the necessary tools and accessories (solution for the water connection) ready
  • Never remove your toilet if you are not sure the new toilet will fit. Before you damage your vehicle, always consult Perfect Van.
  • When purchasing the control kit, it is advisable to check it before completely converting the toilet, i.e. connect it according to the instructions and test all the functions. This means you can be sure that everything can be implemented according to plan.

Expansion of the Thetford C220

  • Disconnect the water connection and, if necessary, provide it with a quick coupling, alternatively remove the T-piece
  • Remove the magnetic switch from the toilet
  • Loosen the cable on the toilet so that it hangs freely
  • Remove any disturbing panels and covers on the left, right and top of the shaft
  • Remove all screws on the front side
  • Remove 4 screws at the bottom of the toilet, sometimes there are another 2 screws in the front foot area
  • Once all screws have been loosened, the toilet can be easily removed

Installation of the Perfect TTT

The TTT has the base contour of the Thetford C220 series. This will position the toilet in the exact same spot as the old toilet.

Please check whether the toilet sits perfectly. It should sit evenly on the floor. Especially with shower trays with recesses, it is possible that the TTT does not rest on the floor but on the edge of the shower tray. The black adapter frame should lie flush against the side wall so that the sealing rubber integrated into it can seal optimally.

Before final attachment, you should make sure that both the solids container and the urine tank fit easily into the shaft. If this is not the case, the recess in the furniture wood must be adjusted. 

When fixing the toilet, start with the side fasteners on the furniture wall. It's best to pre-drill small holes with a 3mm drill. Use a total of 4 screws, placing them on the left and right. Make sure to position the mounting screws correctly. Don't set them too high or too far out. 

Installation des Control-Kits

  • Remove the Thetford control panel from its holder. The easiest way to do this is to come from the back (shaft side) and push it outwards.
  • Disconnect the circuit board from the control panel. If the panel housing consists of two parts, separate the exterior from the interior to gain better access to the board.
  • Remove the 6-pin board flat connector and plug it into our supplied motherboard. 
  • As a test, connect the main board to the subboard using the Cat6 cable and do an initial functional test of the cabling. If everything works, i.e. light, fan (LED) and submersible pump, you can continue with the installation.
  • Insert the circuit board into the control panel and secure it with the included retaining bar.
  • Connect the CAT6 cable to the socket on the motherboard and guide it down through the furniture recess into the shaft.
  • Place the new control panel in the recess. If contact with water is possible on the control panel, we recommend additional sealing.

Installation of the air kit or the SOG fan on the control kit

  • Connect the external fan to the subboard as shown in the figure. It should be noted that when connecting the SOG fan, the switch wiring is not used but rather the power supply directly 
  • Insert the subboard into the control housing and close it it with
    the 2 screws supplied.
  • Connect the control panel and the control housing with the included cable.
  • Place the control housing sensibly on the inside of the shaft. It must be easily accessible, but also placed so that the integrated light illuminates the tank well and the housing is protected from moisture.

Checking the control kit

  • Switch on the on-board electrical system and, if the pump circuit is disconnected, also the pump current.
  • Test the full range of functions