General installation tips for the Perfect Van TTT

As I have shown many times, installing the TTT is easy. With a little manual skill, anyone can integrate the toilet into the vehicle themselves.

Here I have a checklist of materials to make the installation process go smoothly.


  • Screws for floor mounting
  • 4 rubber plugs to seal the other drill holes
  • Screws used from the old toilet can be reused to attach the TTT to the side.

Necessary accessories and aids:

  • End plug and stainless steel clamp for temporarily sealing the water connection. If necessary, I recommend that you use a shut-off valve or the quick coupling and shower from Reich. Water standing in the pipe can become contaminated with germs! Please note that.
  • Assortment of short screws (approx. 10-30mm)
  • Hand towel
  • Underlay mat as you work on your knees

Important tools:

  • various screwdrivers, matching bit inserts
  • small mini cordless screwdriver with drill chuck and 3mm drill (for side attachment)
  • Combination pliers, pipe wrench and, if necessary, side cutters
  • For the air kit: 38mm hole saw for drilling into the outer flap
  • Cutter knives and various tape are always advisable