Installation of the composting toilet in different bathrooms

In principle, it should be said that the Perfect Van dry separation toilet fits into any bathroom that previously had a Thetford C220 or C250/260 series. Whether Malibu, Knaus, Weinsberg, Sunlight, Bürstner, Carado, Adria etc.

The secret behind it is the identically contoured base of the dry-separating toilet. This makes it possible, even in difficult situations, such as a recessed shower tray, to simply insert the toilet into the available space without any conversion work.

Here are a few examples before and after. Then things might become clearer.

1. Installation in a Knaus Boxlife 630me

A continuous shower tray is specified here, so the absolute accuracy of fit is not absolutely necessary, but nice. The urine-diverting toilet fits perfectly without any problems.

Installation time for the Thetford C220: 20 min.
Installation time of the composting toilet: 15 min.

The toilet can be installed in all Knaus Boxstar and Boxlife, as well as Weinsberg Carabus and Caratour without any problems. Even in the small bathrooms with a sloping shaft.

Einbau Trocken-Trenn-Toilette in Knaus Boxlife

2. Installation in a Sunlight Cliff 640

In this case we have a recessed shower tray that the Thetford sits in. A perfect fit is essential so that you no longer have to make any adjustments. Here, too, the dry separation toilet fits perfectly. The installation here is similar to that of the Adria Van models, so there shouldn't be any problems with Adria either.

Installation time for the Thetford C220: 20 min.
Installation time of the composting toilet: 15-20 min.

The toilet can be installed on all Sunlight Cliff models. Even with the small 540 this is no problem at all.

Einbau Trocken-Trenn-Toilette in Sunlight Cliff

3. Installation in a vehicle with a built-in Dometic or Thetford C200 toilet

It is important to distinguish here. If the Dometic toilet is on a closed surface (picture with green tick), installing the toilet is not a problem here either. There will be an option to order Dometic or Thetford C200. Here the adapter frame is shaped in such a way that it will cover the hole in the furniture perfectly. The picture shows the installation in a Pössl Summit.

If the toilet is sunk into a shower tray (picture with a red cross), there will be no possibility of replacing the toilet 1:1 for the time being. The TTT will also fit here, but you definitely have to make changes to the vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Einbau einer Trocken-Trenn-Toilette anstelle der Dometic