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Sink insert with cutting board for Knaus Vans

Sink insert with cutting board for Knaus Vans

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The multifunctional sink insert with drainage slope. Fits in all current Knaus vans with the separate sink. Temperature resistant up to 80° degrees.
The sink insert is made of high-quality, black, food-safe ABS plastic. The sink drain plug fits into the sink insert, so this is not included.

The insert rests on the edge of the sink, giving the impression that the sink is black. The actual sink is no longer visible, apart from the handle holes, and is perfectly protected. 

The supplied cover for the sink is flush with the work surface. It is made of 12mm thick, grained black PE plastic and is food safe. The handle hole is deliberately large so that items to be cut or waste can be quickly and easily put into the insert. A deep juice channel is milled around the back so that fruit and vegetable juice can drain into the insert.

The cover/cutting board lies loosely on top and must be stowed away securely before starting the journey.

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