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Perfect Van

Perfect TTT Air-Kit

Perfect TTT Air-Kit

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Complete the Perfect Van dry separation toilet with the Air-Kit!

This gives you a multifunctional fan housing including fan that disposes of unpleasant odours. The housing can be mounted in virtually any available space. With its low power consumption, the fan is perfectly suited for 24/7 use. Furthermore, the "fragrance" is filtered through an activated carbon fleece. The fan housing also features quick connect fittings for the hose. This allows you to quickly remove the hose to empty the solids container. 

We definitely recommend that you transport the air to the outside. An external connection is also included in the air kit for this purpose. A gill screen is intended for the placement of the vent on the flap and is minimally bulky. The internal connection is given a fly screen and can be freely positioned 360° on the inside of the flap. 

Air kit consisting of

  • Fan housing with quick connect hose fitting
  • 12V fan (17 dB, 0.54W, 27 m³/h)
  • activated carbon filter
  • Fan hose, 100 cm
  • Flange connection flap
  • Gasket, screws, fly screen


38mm drill hole must be drilled, apply anti-rust paint to the cutting edges, insert gill screen and screw to counterpart and fly screen. The fan housing is installed in a free space, preferably above or to the side, near the toilet. 


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