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Perfect Van

Perfect TTT Control-Kit Black

Perfect TTT Control-Kit Black

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  • Made in Germany
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With the control kit, you can make Perfect Van's dry separation toilet perfect!

A control panel is integrated inside the vehicle. A level switch and a fan control switch (Perfect TTT Air kit, SOG...). This is attached to the control housing (in disposal shaft) connected.

The vehicle's submersible pump can also be activated using the control housing. It only requires a quick coupling and a shower fitting to create an outdoor shower with a cold water function.

Control kit consisting of

  • Control panel inside in black (level indicator and fan activation)
  • Control housing with switch for shaft lighting and water pump

If you want to connect your SOG fan, you still need adapter pieces for the hose. DiesYou can also find it here in the shop!
Note that with a SOG roof and floor fan, a cable must be laid from the fan to the shaft in order to be able to connect it to the control housing.


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