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Countertop washbasin for Pössl

Countertop washbasin for Pössl

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  • Made in Germany
  • Versand in 1-3 Werktagen
  • Perfect Fit ohne Umbau

The solution for a larger washbasin in all current Pössl bathrooms with a swivel bath and attached washbasin. Fits, for example, in the Pössl Summit 540, Pössl Summit 600 and Pössl Summit 640

The sink extension is simply placed on top and pressed down. The extension is then fixed. No pre-assembly is necessary. Furthermore, it can be dismantled again in a second. Removal is not necessary when swiveling to the shower cubicle. 

A different milling is offered for all 540 models. This allows the water tap to be swiveled completely to the left when it is open. Without the recess, the faucet can be opened to the cold position or to the warm position, swiveling is not possible. However, the recess leads to a possible predetermined breaking point, which is why the extension may only be lifted on the left when removing! So please think carefully about whether you want the recess. Pössl is not liable for possible assembly tolerances of the water tap. 

Made of plastic (polystyrene). This is not resistant to solvent-based liquids (e.g. hairspray, nail polish remover or special perfumes).

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