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Perfect Van

Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

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Unique in this area - the dry separation toilet from Perfect Van for every camper who wants more self-sufficiency.

Pre-order now and secure a toilet for July/August.

The special thing about the composting toilet from Perfect Van is that it replaces the previous chemical toilet in the mobile home or caravan without any conversion work. Only the old chemical toilet has to be removed to make room for the new separating toilet. This makes installation simple and straightforward and can be done by anyone.

What else distinguishes this toilet compared to other composting toilet systems?


  • Supply and disposal via the external shaft (hygiene in the vehicle)
  • every sitting position is possible, 360 degrees ready for use
  • Large containers, solids approx. 7 liters, urine tank approx. 9.5 liters
  • Divider insert with large urine and solids area - streak-free business :-)
  • Visual level indicator inside the vehicle
  • Sight protection flap over the solids container

measurements and weight

  • Low weight (approx. 7.5 kg)
  • Compact dimensions 410 mm x 340 mm x 450 mm


  • control panel
  • fan housing
  • 12V fan (14 dB, 0.4W, 22.1 m³/h)
  • activated carbon filter
  • shaft lighting
  • fan hose
  • Water pump switch (outdoor shower)

100% alternative to the following chemical toilets

  • Thetford Series C220 (100% compatible)
  • Thetford series C260 (100% compatible)
  • Thetford Series C200 (depending on installation situation)
  • Dometic CTS 4110 series (depending on installation situation)

The decisive factor in the installation situation is how the toilet is attached to the shower base or the floor. If your toilet is recessed in the shower tray, this means that this is recessed and the toilet only fits snugly in the case of the Thetford C220 or C260 series and no further conversion work is necessary. Since the toilet does not have to be installed in a sitting position like other urine-diverting toilets, it is very compact and can be used to save space. It can therefore also be used in any other installation situation.

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